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Enter a new era of collaboration and simulation with NVIDIA Omniverse™

Live collaboration between users and applications

Bring together users and top industry 3D design tools in real time on a single, interactive platform. Workflows are simplified as updates, iterations, and changes are instantaneous with no need for data preparation.

Real-time speed, offline quality

NVIDIA Omniverse™ delivers scalable, real-time ray tracing and path tracing. Achieve beautiful, physically accurate, and photorealistic visuals in real-time.

Simulate reality with NVIDIA RTX technology

Build it once, render it anywhere. Stream NVIDIA RTXTM technology-rendered photorealism to any of your devices. Share your work with ease and ensure that it’s presented as it should be.

NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise is a simple to deploy, end-to-end virtual collaboration and real-time simulation platform, optimised by NVIDIA to run on NVIDIA-Certified Systems™. Omniverse Enterprise fundamentally transforms complex 3D workflows, enabling teams to achieve new heights of 3D production quality, infinite iterations at no opportunity cost, and faster time-to-market.


Specialists in accelerated computing

ebb3 specialise in bringing the power, performance and productivity of physical workstations to virtual remote working.


Using NVIDIA vGPUs, ebb3 virtualises the power of business’s IT infrastructure. This brings users the performance of a physical workstation to remote working, workstations and apps, enabling remote access to complex graphic and data intensive workloads.

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NVIDIA vGPU software enhances the performance, productivity and security of workloads for users and IT departments

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ebb3 builds accelerated computing platforms using NVIDIA vGPU

What is a vGPU?

NVIDIA Virtual Graphical Processing Unit (vGPU) software has been built for the modern workload.  It accelerates and virtualises the performance of a GPU for any workload. The software enables users and IT to leverage the benefits of virtualisation and the performance of a GPU.

NVIDIA vGPU software is installed on a physical GPU and creates virtual GPUs, that can be shared across multiple virtual machines for any graphic and data intensive workloads. The virtualisation of these workspaces provides multiple users with access to any workload, from anywhere and on any device, with the performance of a GPU powered workstation.

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NVIDIA vGPU software powers artificial intelligence, the metaverse, virtual reality and 3D graphics rendering amongst others

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ebb3 builds accelerated computing platforms using NVIDIA vGPU

NVIDIA vGPU software powers artificial intelligence, the metaverse, virtual reality and 3D graphics rendering amongst others

What are the benefits?

Exceptional user experience

Secure data

Predictable performance

Continuous innovation roadmap

Best user density to maximise efficiency of use

Optimal management and monitoring

Tailored service as well as consumption models

UK based service

Our technology ecosystem

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Our partners rely on our expertise to implement, optimise and unify their technologies into a tailored managed service solution.