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About Us

ebb3 was created to provide specialist support skills and services for vGPU enabled workloads such as VDI, HPC and VR. Our goal is to provide trusted client-side advice to optimise productivity and performance via a managed support service tailored to our customer’s needs and focused on digital workspace.

Did you know?

The name ebb3 originates from the concept of the ‘ebb and flow’ of data between computational resources and interfaces.

How we can help you

A high-performance virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment shares many of the same components as a dedicated, GPU-enabled, bare-metal computational cluster. As organisations look to optimise available resource utilisation to maximise productivity and cost of ownership, ebb3 helps organisations make the most cost-effective buying decisions depending on their current and future requirements, often repurposing existing investments in IT.

“ebb3 helps organisations make the most cost-effective buying decisions depending on their current and future requirements.”

Why is this important?

This is usually very important in environment with changing or unknown requirements, the
option of multiple uses for GPU’s becomes an option to increase ROI on the investment made. ‘Multiple use” describes the environment purpose, where ‘mixed workload’ describes the work to be accomplished. Computational workloads can be mixed into a high-performance VDI environment. ebb3 scopes out requirements and takes ownership of ensuring service levels are met for customers with varying needs across the organisation, wherever they may be, to exacting service levels, adapting services to the customer’s needs.

“ebb3 are proud to be at the forefront of enabling everyone to work productively together with the same secure user experience. We are a service orientated, customer focused team with deep technical expertise.

We believe specialism fosters excellence, so we only focus on vGPU enabled platforms and services with leading technology partners.”

Chris Brassington, CEO, ebb3

Our Expertise

The ebb3 approach is to design and operate a service to meet our customers needs for both performance and secure productive working. All of our services are underpinned by an ebb3 approved platform with a service level agreement to ensure peace of mind.

ebb3 securely brings virtual desktops and graphical applications to any location and any device. We are experts in vGPU enabled workspace services for multiple workflows including VDI, HPC and VR.

ebb3 Vision

“Simplify the complex”

ebb3 was founded with the Mission to transform and simplify the way tech is used in the workplace.

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ebb3 is happy to be building a relationship with our investor Maven, who have a track record of working with successful mission-driven companies. This investment has given us the resources to drive the business forward for the long term, and we are delighted to have them with us on this journey.

Technology Ecosystem

Our partners rely on our expertise to successfully optimise their technology building blocks into one solution provided as a tailored service.