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This year has been a year of change. To enable business continuity, many companies have had to quickly embrace digital transformation and remote working practices.

Our managed service offering allows you to take full advantage of new technologies and ensure your business’s success.

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The ebb3 Platform

Our experts will work with you to maximise your workloads on our ebb3 approved GPU enabled platforms.

Audit of todays landscape

Understanding your business goals is the crucial first step in the creation of a roadmap leading you to a high-performing service for your architects, designers and engineers.

ebb3’s Subject Matter Experts evaluate your critical technical and service elements, using a structured approach to compare them to best-in-class and industry standards.

  • Employees’ workloads - to ensure the user experience is the best it can be
  • The technical design and configuration
  • Hardware and software capabilities and release levels
  • Identify single points of failure
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  • Review data structures
  • Performance and outage trend analysis
  • Load balancing and resilience
  • Opportunities to repurpose existing investments
  • Applications usage and capacity
  • Internal skills analysis
  • Service management processes and procedures
  • Reporting requirements and statistical analysis
  • Security exposures and vulnerabilities
  • Immediate required fixes based on severity and risk profile

The ebb3 team will produce a detailed report of our findings together with a prioritised list of recommendations. The report forms the basis of a business case for change and improvement with anticipated costs and benefits.

This work typically takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Sample findings

At one engineering design company the audit highlighted software release levels being out of maintenance causing major problems to the IT department and breaches of the software licenses with more users than the agreement allowed. In addition, the designers were finding it difficult to collaborate between departments and external 3rd Parties with everything taking too long. Frustration was compounded by regular service outages costing time and money. The IT Department, despite best efforts, were struggling to find an affordable solution.

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To find out more, contact us on:

0203 818 1000 or

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Our services

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Secure, fix and improve:

Stabilising single points of failure while we design a longer-term Target Operating Model.

Design, build and manage the new target operating model:

Creation of a new NVIDIA vGPU infrastructure platform driven by machine intelligence.

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Security of a managed service:

Access to managed service experts with a focus on load balancing and service management.

Our technology ecosystem

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 Lenovo Gold Infrastructure Solutions Partner  NetApp Gold Partner  VEEAM Registered  Cisco

  Control up  Dassault Systemes  lakeside  kemp authorized partner

Our partners rely on our expertise to implement, optimise and unify their technologies into a tailored managed service solution.

To find out more, contact us on:

0203 818 1000 or