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Fix, Improve & Transform

Every audit we have been involved in has highlighted serious issues and vulnerabilities with the service which required immediate remediation.

Typically, these are in areas such as security exposure putting at risk some of the company’s most valuable IP; or Single Points of Failure causing serious service downtime or reduced capacity.

Where we identify these, ebb3 will wherever possible, create and execute an immediate action plan to stabilise the service whilst the longer-term target operating model and service is being designed.

Sample Findings

In one engagement at a manufacturing company, our team discovered that what had started off as a pilot had, due to business pressures, gone straight into operation missing out essential steps. As a result, there were issues with:

  • Security leaving data unprotected
  • Single points of failure leading to the service crashing on a regular basis
  • Too many users on specific applications which the infrastructure could not handle
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The business was suffering with designers operating well below the optimum. The ebb3 team put together a quick fix plan to plug the gaps, reduce and spread out the workload which tangibly improved the service in the short-term buying time whilst the new service was designed and deployed.

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