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Is Your VDI Environment Slowing You Down? Let Our Health Check Get You Back on Track!

A high-performing VDI platform is essential to enabling employees to work effectively, as an underperforming VDI platform can reduce employee productivity and satisfaction. 

The performance of a VDI platform varies depending on the number of users, their workloads and the type of applications they use. While it may function smoothly for users running traditional business applications, those working with complex graphic and data workloads may experience slow response times, resulting in decreased productivity.

Ensure effective workforce productivity with our VDI platform issue identification and resolution services. Top issues we identify include:

  • Security & Vulnerability. VDI environments can be vulnerable to security threats such as malware, data breaches, and unauthorised access.
  • Underperformance. This is caused by various factors such as insufficient server resources, network latency and storage bottlenecks.
  • Out of date software. VDI environments can be complex which can make it difficult for IT teams to keep up with the latest software updates, patches and licensing models
  • Misconfiguration. VDI environments require careful configuration and tuning to ensure optimal performance and security.
  • Once the health check is complete, we create a report using RAG classifications
  • Red - A major issue has been identified that will have a significant effect on user experience, availability or security of your VDI platform.
  • Amber - A minor issue has been identified that will typically help improve the overall user experience, availability, security, or management of your VDI platform
  • Green - No improvements are necessary but recommended improvements may contribute to improved availability, security and management of your VDI platform in the future.
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“By spending time learning about our organisation and asking questions, to really understand our challenges, ebb3 were able to provide a truly innovative and bespoke solution that fits our business now and in the future.”

Dave Moyes, SimpsonHaugh

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