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Increase Employee Productivity with High Performance VDI

High performance virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will improve productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Schedule a VDI readiness assessment today to understand the benefits for your business.

High performance VDI will improve efficiency, security, and flexibility in your business. But before jumping in, ensure readiness with a VDI assessment. Our expert team evaluates your infrastructure, applications, and workforce to determine if they’re ready for a seamless VDI adoption.

Our readiness assessment includes creating a roadmap to accelerate the process and save valuable time. Key elements include:

  • Business Case Review. We review your business goals to ensure VDI aligns with your objectives and can deliver the expected benefits.
  • Infrastructure Review. We evaluate your existing infrastructure to determine if it can support VDI and identify any potential issues or areas for improvement. We also look to repurpose existing infrastructure where possible, to reduce upfront investment.
  • Service Management Review. We assess your service management processes to ensure they align with VDI requirements and can effectively support the new infrastructure.
  • Base Requirements Review. We review your business requirements such as security, compliance, and scalability to ensure they are met by the VDI solution.
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“Thanks to our successful work with ebb3, we are now able to provide class-leading support as well as new cutting edge technologies to the CAE Engineering teams in Powertrain, Aerodynamics and Body structures departments”

Lea Renaux, HPC solution lead at Aston Martin Lagonda

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